A real holiday farm between Siena and Arezzo

An estate in the Tuscan countryside

Fattoria Casabianca is a holiday farmhouse in the heart of Tuscany. The estate has 3 farmhouses and 2 swimming pools, plus a large surrounding green area. The holiday farm is strategically located near the town of Bucine, between the provinces of Arezzo and Siena, and is an ideal base from which to reach all of the most interesting places in Tuscany.

The authenticity of the farm is reflected in its unflashy, typical style that makes it perfect for a truly unforgettable relaxing, comfortable and original stay. There is also added value: the opportunity to enjoy easy access to all of Tuscany's major attractions, including nature, the sea, art and shopping.

The holiday farm offers a 30-minute drive to cities of art, such as Siena, Florence and Arezzo, the last of these can also be easily reached by train. You can reach the beaches of the Maremma in just over an hour, and some of Italy's most famous outlets, such as Prada, The Mall, Fashion Valley and Fashion Groove are just a few minutes away by car.

The Bellavista Holm oak

One of Italy's most famous trees

The Bellavista Holm oak, (hence the name of our Chianti wine), was planted some 500 - 600 years ago to fulfil a specific function: to trap birds. These were drawn into the bird snare or "Rocolo" (hence the name of our white wine) by means of bird calls. At just the right moment the tree was surrounded by nets which entangled birds. Not so long ago the Holm oak was also important for the social life of the farming community for the festivals which were held here. Now more than ever the tree is a perfect place to enjoy a snack and relax during the summer heat.

The Houses

​Fattoria Casabianca is not only a commercial farm but also a holiday farmhouse in the heart of Tuscany.

Where you would like to stay for your holiday? Choose one of our houses:
Fraschetta, Leccio, Belvedere or Casetta.

Discover Tuscany

​From Valdarno to the rest of Tuscany

Cities of art


A virtual guide to browse the districts of Siena and get a taste of its unique charm.


A portal dedicated to Arezzo and the many activities that enliven its territory. It is ideal for planning a visit to an area just a few minutes away from the farm.


Florence, the Renaissance and an enormous amount of art can be discovered walking the streets of this unique city.



The Maremma Natural Park website: unspoiled nature, wildlife and open beaches. It is a definite must.


A nature reserve with spectacular flora and fauna: just a few minutes from the farmhouse, the perfect place for a boat ride immersed in luxurious nature.



Less than 15 km from Fattoria Casabianca is the official Prada Outlet. It is a place of worship for those who love shopping, with unique opportunities and unbeatable prices.


A luxury outlet with a range of highly appealing brand names from Vivienne Westwood to Marc Jacobs.


Another temple of shopping, with shops, bars and continually changing promotions.


An outlet with designer brands and home accessories. Ideal for hit and run shopping.



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