Poggio al Sole


​Frantoio 75% – Leccino 10% Pendolino 5% – Moraiolo 10%
Delicate, pleasing, fruity and aromatic scent.

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A typical Tuscan oil with a deep green colour and delicate aroma. A blend of the best varieties of olives, the expression of a great territorial vocation, that has always been recognised internationally.
The “Poggio al Sole” olive oil has very low acidity values and a fruity pleasant bouquet.

Name: Olio Extravergine di Oliva Biologico – Poggio al Sole
Olives: Frantoio 75% – Leccino 10% – Pendolino 5% – Moraiolo 10%
Production area: Bucine (AR) – Toscana
Altitude: 330 asl south-west exposure
Type of ground: Calcereous, medium dough
Planting density: 300 plants/ha
Yeld/Hectar: 30 quintal of olives
Harvest period: November – December
Organoleptic characteristic: Colour: Intense green
Bouquet: Delicate, pleasing, fruity, aromatic
Features: Harmonic, well balanced
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